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  • 1 January 1970


Sticky is our first self-initiated project

In which we wanted to try something new. We selected the iPhone & iPad platform because its controls were something we were very enthusiastic about. It started out as a small iphone game, but quickly grew to an ambitious full-size game.

The game is about Sticky, a small living power-source that was created during an experiment by two genius professors, Doctor Bunsen and Globule. Their latest experiment, however, is about to go terribly wrong, pitting Sticky against a terrible enemy. The player controls sticky by flinging Sticky around the level, attacking enemies directly or indirectly.

Sticky and Sticky HD are now availible on the Appstore worldwide and features:

  • 40 unique challenging stages
  • Amazing 2D handpainted graphics
  • Pull sticky surfaces to fling yourself around
  • Fight unique enemies with different powers
  • Transform in different forms and change the way you play
  • 4 bonus survival stages
  • Integrated Chillingo's Crystal

Published by Chillingo and Developed by Gamistry. Visit us again for updates or follow us on Twitter or Facebook.

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